Why Installing an Air Compressor in Your Garage Can Be Beneficial?

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Most people don’t think about installing an air compressor in their garage. Installing an air compressor can be beneficial for many reasons. Installing a new air compressor will not only provide you with the convenience of having compressed air at your fingertips but also increase the value of your property and save you money on energy bills.

Air compressors make life easier for many a power tool user. Manual labor like using wrenches, saws and hammers can be tough when it doesn’t have the assistance of an air compressor to help out with tasks that are otherwise strenuous on ones body. Air compressors have grown in popularity because they provide relief from such strain – perfect for any type of application!

Here are the 5 crucial specifications of an Air Compressor:


The more horsepower an air compressor has, the better it will be at running various projects. The two most important measurements of a motor are its cfm and psi ratings; as these increase so does the amount of power being delivered to your project with greater ease.

Pounds per square inch (psi)

The pressure at which air is delivered from a compressor–measured in terms of psi—is another critical factor for the ability of an air compressor to power pneumatic tools properly. Certain tools demand higher psi than others, and an air compressor must exceed the maximum rating from a given set of tools to cover the owner’s working needs.

For instance, 90psi might be needed for some popular garage devices but those ratings should always be read with cfm readings-larger indicators that can determine whether or not a certain tool would require more horsepower (cfms) or less.

Cubic feet per minute (cfm)

The most important quality of an air compressor is its cfm rating, which determines how much air it can produce in a given time. All pneumatic tools require certain levels of CFM and the capacity for your particular needs will be determined by what tool you intend to use. For example, with a compressor rated 9.0cfm there’s enough airflow generated each minute to power 5-6ft lbs wrench that demands 10CFM or more; but if we’re dealing with something like 12 ftlbs wrenches then our requirements are increased at least twofold (14cfms).

Duty cycle

Air compressors are essential for using tools that require prolonged applications like saws and grinders. The length of time an air compressor can run before it shuts down to cool is also important, so make sure you consider this when selecting one! It’s a good idea to look at the power rating in your garage as well because some motors might not be compatible with what’s available there.

Tank volume

The design of an air compressor is only half the battle. It’s important to know which models are made for more demanding tasks and how much compressed air it can hold before you make a purchase. The holding capacity, or tank volume, indicates this information so take into account your needs when making your choice. As a rule of thumb: always consult with a licensed electrician to ensure proper selection and installation requirements.

How to Install an Air Compressor in Your Garage

Setting up an air compressor in a garage is like setting up your own workshop. You’ll need to measure the space for height and width, take into account how much room you have for tools or other work-related items such as car lifts or shelving units.

Determining what kind of hose lengths are needed will help avoid that frustrating experience when it takes hours to move hoses around just so they reach everything at hand! Some compressors come with isolator pads which can be placed on the floor under them – this helps keep vibrations from traveling through floors while also stabilizing and lowering noise levels.

When setting up a compressor, read the owners manual for correct start-up and commissioning procedure. Power your new machine from an outlet nearby instead of plugging it in directly to make sure you don’t fry anything important! Once powered on, activate pneumatic tools with air hoses that are specifically designed for power and efficiency. This is critical – one mistake many people make when starting out is using industrial length hose on compact compressors!

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