Tips for Renovating a Home for Aging in Place

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Aging in place is a great goal for aging adults and their family members. The best way to achieve aging in place is to plan ahead by renovating the home before physical limitations prevent aging adults from doing so themselves. To help you with your renovation, we’ve compiled some tips that will make your aging-in-place home renovations successful!

Do you have aging parents or aging-in-place plans? Renovating a home for aging in place can be a lot of work, but it’s worth putting the time and effort into making your loved one’s home safe and easy to navigate.

Install grab bars in the shower

All bathrooms can benefit from grab bars, but aging adults, in particular, can benefit by installing them for stability when entering and exiting the shower.

Install a raised toilet seat

The best way to make it easier to get on and off of the bathroom commode is with a raised or adjustable height seat. This will also help aging adults who have trouble bending down low to the ground.

Install a roll-under sink

Remodel your kitchen by installing a roll-under faucet and adding additional cabinet space for aging adults who might have trouble reaching shelves above their heads. This will help aging in place, since it’s often difficult to cook or clean without increased mobility issues as we age.

Add handrails in the home

Adding handrails along both sides of all stairs will help aging adults navigate them with ease. Handrails can also be added around doorways, inside closets and anywhere else aging adults might need them to maintain stability when entering or exiting a room.

Install outdoor grab bars

Adding outdoor grab bars next to the main entrance and along any exterior stairs will help aging adults maintain their independence. The more options aging adults have for stability, the better off they’ll be.

Add dimmable lights

Dimmable lighting is great because it allows aging adults to adjust light levels as needed throughout the day based on energy levels and physical limitations.

Install low-floor lighting

Low-floor lamps are great for aging adults, as they can be used from a seated position on the couch or bed. This is helpful when aging adults have trouble getting up from those places after being seated. It’s also beneficial to aging adults who might have vision issues or limited mobility.

Add a handheld shower-head

Adding a handheld showerhead will give aging adults the option to bathe sitting down, which is especially helpful for aging in place and aging at home goals since it reduces the risk of falls while bathing. Adding multiple hand shower options throughout your aging adult’s home will help aging adults maintain their independence for as long as possible.

Install a bidet

Adding an electric bidet to your aging adult’s bathroom will help them stay clean with ease, especially if they have limited mobility or are wearing incontinence pads that need regular changing throughout the day. Again, this is another great option for aging in place and aging at home goals.

Make sure the lighting is good

Good lighting throughout the day will help aging adults with their daily activities. If a light switch or lamp isn’t easily accessible, it might be time to remodel your aging adult’s kitchen so they have more options for adjusting light levels as needed.

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